Product Summary

The QM50DX-H is a transistor module. The applications of the device include AC motor controllers, UPS, DC motor controllers, NC equipment, Welders.

Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max):250V
Current - Collector (Ic) (Max):2.4A
Power - Max:600mW
Input Type:Logic
Mounting Type:Surface Mount
Repetitive peak reverse voltage:800V
Vce(on) (Max) @ Vge, Ic:2.5V @ 15V, 50A


QM50DX-H absolute maximum ratings: (1)Collector-emitter voltage, VCEX (SUS): 600V when IC=1A, VEB=2V; (2)Collector-emitter voltage, VCEX: 600V when VEB=2V; (3)Collector-base voltage, VCBO: 600V when Emitter open; (4)Emitter-base voltage, VEBO: 7V when Collector open; (5)Collector current, IC: 50A when DC; (6)Collector reverse current, –IC: 50A when DC (forward diode current); (7)Collector dissipation, PC: 310W when TC=25℃; (8)Base current, IB: 3A when DC; (9)Surge collector reverse current (forward diode current),- ICSM: 500A when Peak value of one cycle of 60Hz (half wave); (10)Junction temperature, Tj: -40~+150℃; (11)Storage temperature, Tstg: -40~125℃; (12)Isolation voltage, Viso: 2500V when Charged part to case, AC for 1 minute; (13)Mounting torque: 1.96~2.94N·m when main terminal screw M5; 20~30kg·cm when mounting screw M6; (14)Weight: 210g when Typical value.


QM50DX-H features: (1)IC Collector current: 50A; (2)VCEX Collector-emitter voltage: 600V; (3)hFE DC current gain: 75; (4)Insulated Type; (5)UL Recognized.


QM50DX-H package dimensions